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IICIN is able to offer the services of a locally qualified inspector who not only has the local geographic knowledge of the shipyards but in many cases also speaks the same language as the management structure controlling the project. In Turkey  IICIN has been actively involved in  providing inspection services for  insurance warranties provided by Groupama  for Jotun paints for more than 12 vessels in Sedef and other ship yards on various vessels  from coastal tankers, feeder containers and general bulk cargo carriers. The projects were overseen by a local IICIN representative who was fully qualified and had local geographic knowledge of the shipyards and also spoke the same language as the management structure controlling the project.  Both clients have been very satisfied with the standard reports received.

One of the main advantages of using the services of an IICIN inspector is linked to location. India is going through a mini revival with respect to ship building orders for European owners.  IICIN has a local representation based close to Mumbai who have worked in the Larson, Toubro Yards. They are currently supervising 6 projects on behalf of Groupama and Jotun. The vessel types are various and also include specialist lifting vessels along with bulk carriers. The reports produced by the members are to a high standard and are proof read by a group of experts before being released to the client.

IICIN representatives are also capable of reacting extremely quickly. In 2009 a vessel was coming through the Panama cannal and needed to have the ballast tanks inspected within a 48 hour window. An IICIN representative was on site in less than 12 hours and a suitable report was produced in less than 5 days.

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