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How do you guarantee the quality of the inspectors you are providing via the network?

All IICIN inspectors are FROSIO or NACE qualified coating inspectors. All reports submitted by the inspectors will be in a standard IICIN report format and will be audited by IICIN for clarity prior to sending to the client.


Are your members covered by their own indemnity insurance or is it through the network?

Members are required to arrange their own insurance covered appropriate to the country they are in and the work they carry out. IICIN does not stipulate which policies or amount of coverrequired. If a Client has a particular need, this can be requested when detailing the scope of the work.


If I am not happy with the service who will sort out my problem?

Please contact IICIN and we will sort out any issues.


How much will an inspection cost ?

Each work request is quoted for based on the scope or work requested by the client.  The rates charged will be in line with local rates in that country or based on the home country of the inspector. Therefore in China, using the Chinese IICIN member you will pay Chinese rates, while in Europe, you will pay European rates


How much could I save by processing coatings inspections through IICIN?

IICIN will save its clients time in indentifying a qualified inspector available to carry out the work, and money due to the inspector being local.

There are additional advantages of  timely inspection and prompt and clear reporting. Also in terms of payment and invoicing you will deal with one provider (IICIN) rather than a myriad of inspection companies around the world.

Key Benefits