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I have a good inspections business anyway, how can I benefit from being a member of the network?

The network is designed to simplify the process of any interested party finding a qualified inspector in the right place when they need them. Being a member of the network an inspection request, relevant to your prescribed geographic location and your expertise, will come to you. This will give you the opportunity to enhance your existing client base without having to directly contact them on an individual basis.


I like the idea but what’s to stop me approaching the clients independently outside of the network?

Being a member of the IICIN does not prevent you from doing work with existing clients that have not formally come through the network.


How are inspectors selected for the various inspection jobs being distributed via the network?

The inspectors closest to the location of the vessel or structure to be inspected will initially be asked to quote for the work in order to keep travel time and costs to a minimum. 


Will I be competing with other inspectors in my region?

No – there will only be one inspector registered per region per scope of work e.g. there may be two inspectors in a region but one may only handle ships and the other Industrial protective coatings.


Can members use sub contractors to fulfill certain aspects of an inspection contract?

Inspections must be carried out and approved by a FROSIO or NACE qualified inspector that is registered with the IICIN network. If a subcontractor is used the IICIN member will take full responsibility for the delivery of that work and its quality. IICIN must be notified and told which  parts of the inspection the subcontractor carried out. 


Do I have to pay in Euros?

If paying in Euros is an issue, then please contact IICIN and we can arrange to bill you in US dollars, British Pounds or Singapore Dollars. An appropriate fee for currency conversion/bank charges will need to be added.


I have had no enquiries for 3 months, what has gone wrong?

Nothing has gone wrong. You will only be contacted if an inspection is required in your region, and we cannot guarantee the frequency of requests.


What if I don’t get enough work to cover the membership fees?

The second years membership fee is waived if work invoiced in the first year is less than €5,000. See Fees. The less work you carry out through the IICIN the lower the second years membership fee will.

Key Benefits

What IICIN registration will deliver for your fee: